Search and Archive

Your chat transcripts are saved and are fully searchable. Create a complete record of the discussions in your class. Provide students with access to a site with transcripts and search so they can reflect on the class discussion.

Moderation Options

Teachers can choose to moderate every message that comes into the chat room, this let you ask questions knowing that you'll see the answers before the rest of your students.

Resource Sharing

Directly embed youtube videos, Flickr photos and more directly in the chat space. Help provoke classroom discussion around these rich media elements.
Learn how to embed tweets inside your discussion or setup a quick poll for your class to respond to.

Private Messages

Student and teachers can send each other private messages, this is great for the teacher to give students direction and keep the chat in line with the lesson plan. No student to student private messages are allowed.


The educator has full control over the chat room, they can remove unwanted comments and set the chat room pace with our room locking feature. They can even specify that the chatroom closes if they leave.


The best thing is to watch students have fun learning. Students will love this tool and will engage in ways not see before. It's great during class movies where students can discuss the back story without disrupting the class.


Students can vote on messages to amplify them, giving the teacher a quick guide to the content they should focus on. Teachers can view which students have responded giving you the ability to taylor questions and content appropriately.


Determining student participation is easy, our tools break down the number of posts per student. The teacher can even view which students have voted on a message.

Profanity Filter and Transcript

Backchannel Chat provides a profanity filter to remove the really nasty words and multiple transcript versions which include the unfiltered content. You can feel safe knowing that you have a tool designed for teachers.

Live Chat

Backchannel Chat uses modern web technologies to make your chat instant, just like Facebook and GChat. No page refreshes needed, it just works.

Mobile Ready

Backchannel Chat works great on smart phones and tablets. We have dedicated mobile apps on the way that make Backchannel even slicker.

Cross Edu Platform

Backchannel Chat can work with your Google apps, inside your Edmodo groups or even in your Schoology groups and course sections.

Flipped Classrooms

Our chat rooms are great for flipped classrooms, where your students are setting the agenda. Why not let them give a presentation and let the class comment and discuss in real time via our backchannel rooms.

Share Files

Teachers can add files to the chat and inject them into the discussion at the best time. Easily search the web for supporting images without leaving the discussion.


Discussions can be embedded into your class web site and be updated instantly as new messages are added. This is great for outsiders to watch the discussion as it happens.

Teacher Space

Teachers have a 'My Backchannels' which is a space that lists all of your backchannel discussions. From here you can search across your discussions and even drill into down to a student to view the level of participation.

Student Space

Teachers can provide extended access to students which lists all of the selected backchannels from a teacher. Students can view the transcripts and search over the discussions. This is great for reflecting on a discussion.

No Personal Info

Backchannel Chat works with join codes, so students don't need to register and create an account. We do require a teacher to provide an email address, but nothing personal is required of your students. You advise them of appropriate display names.


Backchannel Chat is designed with educators in mind, see how we compare against the others.

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