About Backchannel Chat

Backchannel Chat is a real time educational discussion tool. It is designed with teachers in mind foremost, with tools for teachers to manage the students and the content in the discussion.

With more and more technology being incorporated into the classroom, we wanted to provide a chat / discussion tool suited for the classroom. That means no advertising and not collecting personal information from students.

Backchannel Chat makes use of modern web technologies, if your using a modern web browser such as IE10, Chrome, Safari or Firefox you’ll be using websockets, but if your on something a little older, we’ll still make that work.

We are a company that is dedicated to making great educational products, our team has been working with educators for a number of years now.

We have a number of other great educational products such as:

Teacher Word Games

Bingo Card Maker and Find That Word provide tools for teachers to create fun and exciting word games for students.

Sight Word Apps

A collection of apps that help students learn the common sight words.

Time Teacher

Time Teacher is a great way to teach children how to read time. Within this app is a number of activities that will help children develop an understanding of telling the time for your children.

We love feedback, please email us at info@backchannelchat.com if you want to chat or have any feedback at all.

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