Backchannel Chat for Facebook

Safe Secure Realtime discussion with your Facebook fans

  • Chat with Facebook fans in realtime, in a safe secure way.
  • Moderate the realtime discussion, to protect your brand and reputation.
  • Each Facebook page can have a BackChannel Chat.
  • Integrated with Facebook profiles - see the name and profile picture of the fans your chatting with.
  • Premium Facebook accounts get All of the premium features of Backchannel Chat.
    • Private messages
    • Full transcripts
    • Advanced moderation
  • FREE accounts have all the great features of Backchannel Chat:
    • Moderator controlled - the moderator can delete any message
    • Message voting - Highlight the most relevant questions and discussions
    • Room Lock - Help control the pace of your discussion
    • Create a FREE Facebook chat room now

Installation is easy, Simply add the Backchannel Chat app to your page by visiting our Facebook page.

Learn how to add Backchannel Chat to your Facebook page now.

A Facebook page with the Backchannel app installed, click on the 'Discuss' button to enter the realtime backchannel discussion:
Backchannel Chat for Facebook - On a Facebook Page

A backchannel discussion running on a Facebook page:
Backchannel Chat for Facebook - Chat running on a Facebook page

Once you place the Backchannel Chat App is on your page, your fans can drop by and start chatting.

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