Using Tweets in a BackChannel

By David - Jan 2013

I'd like to introduce you to a feature of BackChannel Chat that might improve your classroom back channeling. It's our embed feature for tweets.

Quite simply you paste the url for a tweet in the message box and hit enter (or press send). BackChannel Chat will automatically embed the tweet for you and all participants of the backchannel.

Since the tweet is embedded inside a message, you can then click on the pin button and have the tweet pinned to the top of the discussion. This tweet might become the focus of the discussion:

To find the direct URL for a tweet, follow these steps.

Find the tweet you would like to embed in your backchannel and click on the 'Expand' link (highlighted below):

Then you can click on the details link, use this url to paste into your BackChannel:

Use the URL from the details link and paste into BackChannel Chat:

I hope you find this interesting and useful.

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