Managing Multiple Chat Rooms With Custom Teacher Codes

By Daniel - Nov 2013

We had a question the other day from one of our teachers:

I was looking for a way to make a permanent chat room and save the transcripts from each day we use the chat. Is that an option somewhere? I'd like to clear the chat that's there, but I'm not sure if I have to delete the entire room to clear it.

Our response to this was:

We have a student access site site where you can specify the access key (like a password) and you can also select the chat rooms that are included in this site. So you could create a chat room for each day and include it in the student access site, then provide the students with the access URL and passcode (which won't change from day to day). This has a few advantages such as your students can search across all of the rooms in one place and they can reflect back on previous discussions. Also all of the chat rooms are in one place and one click away from opening. We have a lot of teachers that use the access sites in this way, they'll go further and create access sites for various subsets of the class.

The problem was that this teacher also has other teachers help manage the room, if you are creating a new room for each discussion then you will quickly run into an issue managing the teacher codes.

Today we added a new feature to help manage teacher codes. Now our paid users can set custom codes:

This lets teachers set the same code across multiple rooms. When another teacher uses the teacher code with multiple rooms, they will be shown the rooms that match that code and be given the option to connect.

We hope this new feature helps you manage your rooms in an effective way.

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