Students can now share files with teacher moderation

By Daniel - May 2014

A common request has been for students to be able to contribute files to the backchannel discussion. Previously we only allowed teachers to upload files into the chat, but we’ve now given teachers the option for students.

With the new option enabled students can upload a file and then add it to the discussion only after the teacher has approved the message. If the uploaded file is an image, it will be automatically embedded into the message.

To turn this new feature on, look for the ‘Allow students to upload files for approval’ option:



Once this has been enabled students will get a new option on the right hand side to upload files:


Then once the student has uploaded the file:



The student can then select the arrow button to insert the file into a new message, by default the message will need teacher approval (denoted by the yellow).



Teachers then click the tick button to approve the message.

We hope this is a useful feature that you get lots of value from.

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