Student Access Features

By David - May 2013

I'd like to show you some of the great sharing features that our premium users have access to.
First up, by becoming a premium user of Backchannel Chat means that you no longer have to keep the URL to your chat rooms in your email system. Premium users can login to Backchannel Chat and be presented with a list of all of the discussions they have created.

From here it's easy to access the discussions stats or transcripts. Or you can search over all of the messages that have been added.
But lets say you teach 3 classes and you want to provide a simple way for your students to have access to the discussion rooms and to have the ability to search over all of them at once.

Well our premium users can click on the student access tab, here they can create a simple access key which can be shared with students (or parents) and they can then select the discussions that they would like to share in this common space.

My Backchannels

The students can then navigate to the URL and enter the access key. From here they can search or have 1 click access to the discussion rooms.

Student Login

Student Access to Backchannels

Premium users can create as many student access codes as they please.

Here's a quick video showing how it all works:

We think the sharing and searching capabilities will save you a lot of time and effort, plus your students might be more likely to reflect back over their past discussions.

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