Shorter Chat URL's

By Daniel

When Backchannel Chat first started we used numeric codes for our chat room join codes, as we have grown so have our codes.

Well the time has come to change all that, we have now introduced smaller join codes that have a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters.

This small change will allow us to provide small join codes for a large number of chat rooms, while still keeping the value of the code unpredictable.

We have also made sure that our join codes don't include the letter 'o' as this can cause issues when copying the code down from the blackboard.

One other small change is the URL, previously a chat room would be something like: < join-code >, which is a lot to type. Now we have the scheme: < join-code >. We will of course continue to use the older format as well.

We hope this small change will make it a little easier for you to share your chat join codes.

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