Backchannel Chat – Schoology School Admin

By Daniel - Aug 2013

Backchannel chat can provide school administration staff with tools to completely manage the discussions that take place in Backchannel Chat. We’ve had integration into Google apps for a while now. We’ve now release the same great features for users of Schoology.

With Backchannel Chat – Schoology School Admin setup school administrators have access to tools such as:

  • View all of the chat rooms that have been created in your school.
  • Search across all of the messages that have been added by teachers and students.
  • View the chat transcripts of the chat room.
  • Drill down to a teacher or student and look at the content they have added to the school’s chat rooms.

Getting started is easy: Just look for the ‘School Backchannel Admin’ option. Clicking this will launch a new window that will show all of the chat rooms that have been created for your school.



School chat rooms are listed:


This will list the room name – including the type of room inside of Schoology, this can either be a Section of a course or a Group. We also show the teacher who is the owner of the room. We quickly provide some stats to give you an idea of how popular the chat room is. On the right hand side we provide a couple of options to view the room stats, download the transcript of the room and also give the ability for an admin staff to clear the contents of the room.

Clicking on the hyperlink will show the users of the room and the number of messages they have contributed to the chat room, such as:


Clicking on the student or teacher will then show the messages they have added to the system. This includes messages that the teacher has deleted from the discussion. Admin staff can also view the private messages that took place in the chat room.


We think these features are powerful and helpful for schools looking to manage how teachers and students communicate online.

If your school is interested in running Backchannel Chat for Schoology, please let us know and we’ll setup a trail for you.

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