Reflection on using a BackChannel

By David - Feb 2013

So you've run a backchannel and now your looking to reflect back to improve for next time.

We've put together a couple of suggestions below.

* Ask the students if they think the backchannel / discussion was successful, take note on the things they say worked well and dive into the things that didn't work so well.

* Has the classroom dynamic changed since? We are looking to see if the relationships of the students are conducive to learning. The goal of a backchannel is to provide a neutral footing where anyone can be heard, hopefully our students who don't normally speak up.

* Are the students excited by the discussion? Hopefully a new medium gets them excited, but having a backchannel for the sake of a backchannel isn't going to help them learn, the tool needs to provide them with educational value.

* Does my grade book reflect the effort and understanding that my students showed during our discussions?

* How do I know my students are learning? Do my discussion transcripts provide me with tangible evidence that my students are at the level I expect them to be.

* Am I challenging my students that are already ahead? Hopefully your backchannel is the right environment for the achieving students to prosper, but its important to verify.

As always, let us know what you think. Start a free chat room now.

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