Backchannel Chat Recent Updates

By Daniel

We have recently added a few new features that make our chat rooms a little bit better and more flexible for your classroom chat needs.

1. External Join Codes for Schoology Rooms.

Our Schoology Chat Rooms have been isolated to just Schoology participants, however we have had numerous requests to provide a way to open these rooms up to guest web participants as well as the ability to allow students to join via our mobile apps. We now provide an external join code to teachers that they can share to students which will facilitate this. We don't expose the external join code to any students, so it's up to the teacher to opt into this.

2. Export Chat Transcript as CSV file.

We already provide chat transcripts in PDF format, but it’s hard to work out what contributions each student has made from this. Now you have the option to export the chat transcript as a CSV file which can be exported into Excel. Each row has the display name of the student, the number of votes and the chat message. Teachers can use this to sort on students and understand exactly the participation level of each student.

3. Force Google Login for a Chat Room.

We offer teachers a special join URL that forces students to login via a Google account, this has now been expanded so that a teacher can set the room access such that joining can only take place via this login mechanism.

Keep an eye out for other login providers soon.

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