Real Time Student Responses – New Feature

By Daniel

Backchannel Chat is a great tool for real time discussions for a classroom. One request that we have had from teachers is for them to have the ability to collect simple feedback in real time. Little things like ‘who is ready to move onto the next step’ or ‘who understands what we are discussing?’. While this type of feedback can be done in a chat setting it would be much easier for the teacher to have this information aggregated and displayed in a simple way.


Today we’ve introduced our real time student response tool which allows collecting responses from students in real time.


Teachers just need to setup a question and enable the option from the settings menu. Then all chat participants will be able to respond to the teachers questions:

Student Response System in Backchannel Chat - Settings to turn on

Teachers can then click on the provided links to view the students that have responded in a particular way. Only teachers can view the results to the questions.

Student Response System in Backchannel Chat

We think this feature will really help improve your backchannel experience, you no longer need to sift through chat messages to find all of the answers to a simple question.

A quick video showing how this feature works:

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