RealTime Polls

By Daniel

Backchannel Chat now has realtime polls.

To use this feature, Teachers can add a new poll by clicking on the + icon next to Polls on the right hand side of the screen.

Teachers have a number of options such as:

Backchannel Chat Poll Options

  • Poll Title - This is the name of the poll.
  • Poll Description - This is the actual question that you would like to ask your students to answer.
  • Answer Type - Multiple choice or single answer, students can either answer multiple option or just a single answer.
  • Answer Display - Teachers can view the results as either a pie chart or a bar graph.
  • Who can view the results - Teachers can opt to keep the results private. This option can be changed at a later time so that students can view the results later.

Filled out Poll Settings

Any number of answer options can be added to the poll, simply click on the green plus to add a new answer.

Once a poll has been created it will be added to the polls section on the right hand side of the screen. Teachers can setup a number of polls ahead of time and then insert them into the discussion at the appropriate time by clicking the left arrow.

Add polls to Backchannel Chat

Don't forget that you can lock the room to prevent students asking questions, this won't prevent the student from answering the poll.

Once a poll has been added to the chat, it will be presented like this:

Student view - answering a poll

If the teacher choose not to display the results to the student, once the student answers the poll they will be shown a message indicating that the poll has been answered:

Students can only view poll answers if the teacher allows it

If the option is to allow students to view the results, or if the teacher is viewing the chat, they will be shown either the results pie or bar chart, depending on the options selected.

The results of a Backchannel Chat poll

Clicking on the blue 'View Answers' button will show each answer and the students that selected that particular option.

The results of the poll will be automatically refreshed each time a student answers, so it will always be up to date.

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