New Notification alerts for Backchannel Chat

By Daniel - Nov 2013

We’ve heard from some of our teachers that they keep Backchannel Chat open in a browser window for extended periods of time. The idea is that students can drop by and ask questions. The problem was that if you weren’t paying attention and didn't swap back to the Backchannel tab every little you could miss new messages.

We’ve added a new alert feature to the dialog for paid users:

‘Play a notification sound when new messages are added’


This will only play a sound when the tab isn’t active, so it shouldn’t be too annoying.

Teachers also asked for a way to send an auto notification to students for times when they have stepped away from the computer. So much like the notification sound, we also have the option to send an auto message when the tab is not active. A student might drop by and ask a question and receives an auto reply such as ‘I’m around and will be back in 5 minutes’.


We hope these new additions help you out. Please feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about how these features can help you.

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