New Backchannel Chat Feature: Moderation

By David - Feb 2013

Today we've added a new feature that our users have been asking for: Full Chat moderation.

This means it is now possible for a teacher to approve every post that is entered into your discussion.

This feature opens up a whole host of possible scenarios for your class discussions, you can now ask questions and view the student responses before revealing them to the rest of the class. Or you can invite people into your discussion and feel safe in the knowledge that you control every message they see.

Here's how it works:

1. Every discussion (even free rooms) have a new setting. Simply goto settings -> Options and you will see this dialog:

BackChannel Chat Moderation Settings

2. Make sure the 'Moderate every message' checkbox is set, this will activate the filter view which will make moderating messages much easier.

BackChannel Chat Moderation Filter

3. Now students can add messages as per normal, initially they will show up orange, this means they are pending moderation. ONLY the teachers and the student who posted the message can view them at this point.

4. The teacher can press the icon to approve the message, at this point everyone else in the discussion will be able to view the message.

BackChannel Chat Moderation Features

As always, let us know what you think.

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