Backchannel iPad / iPhone app released

By Daniel - Sept 2013

We have now released Backchannel Chat for iPads and iPhones. Go grab it for free from the App Store.

This app works with the web version of Backchannel Chat, so some students can be on their mobile device, while others can be using the web version, it doesn’t matter how they join the discussion, it just works.

Of course as a teacher you can control the chat, so if you lock the room then all of the students will be prevented from typing messages, on the mobile app the entire section for adding a message will be hidden.

Just to recap, teachers can:

  • Teachers can lock the room and have mobile users prevented from adding messages just like web users
  • Teachers can send private messages on the mobile device
  • Teachers can delete messages from the room by tapping on the message to bring up the extra options.
  • Teachers can view which students have up voted a message by tapping on the message and selecting the info icon.
  • Teachers can make selected students read only such that the student can’t add any more messages.

So of the above features are only available for premium users of Backchannel Chat


The app will try and detect if you have added embedded content to a message and will show a message such as ‘view contents’ then it will display the embedded content.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this app, please feel free to drop us a line at

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