Recent Updates

By David - Jan 2013

Today we released a couple of small updates to BackChannel Chat:

  • Pinned messages
  • Quick and easy message entry

Pinned messages

Teachers can now click on the located on the top right hand side of the message and make this message 'pinned' to the top of the discussion.

This might be handy for teachers who want to highlight a point. Its also great for loading an image or a YouTube video into a message, then pinning it and requesting the students focus the BackChannel discussion around this pinned media.

Quick and easy message entry

We've heard back from our users that hitting the send button for each message was a little cumbersome, so we've changed it so that pressing the enter key after typing a message will submit the message. If you want to use multiple lines for your message simply hold the shift key with the enter key.

We hope you like these changes.

Happy Backchanneling

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