Force your students to use their real name

By David - Sept 2013

We’ve heard from some of our users that it would be if students could use Backchannel Chat in way that prevents the students from selecting their name. The problem that some teachers face is that students choose the display name of a fellow student and then disrupt the discussion in the hope the other student gets in trouble.

We have a little hidden feature that might help. If your class is already using Google apps we have a mechanism to use these accounts for students.

The process is simple, we normally give you a URL like:

If you instead alter this and hand out the URL:

Notice the extra /g in it?

If you click on this URL it will take you to a screen that asks you to login with your Google account.

If students enter the discussion via this link we will use the name associated with the Google account and they won’t have the ability to change it in the chat.


Hope this helps.

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