Backchannel Chat for Google Apps - Support for Seperate Domains

By David - May 2013

We've introduced a new feature to our Backchannel Chat for Google Apps product. We now support a model where teachers and students are located in separate domains. This means that teachers in one domain can setup and manage chat rooms that are used by students in a separate Google domain.

Setting this up in easy:

1. First up, ensure that Backchannel Chat is installed in both the student and teacher domains, it can be installed from the Google apps marketplace.

2. When setting up your teacher domain, you should see the following:

3. Since your setting up the teacher domain at this stage, the checkbox indicating that this is a teacher domain is selected. Then the domain of the student account is entered into the options.

4. Pressing save will apply these settings.

5. Now from the student domain, you will be able to see the connection back to the teacher domain.

After this connection is setup, teachers can then create Backchannel Chat discussion rooms for using the student domain groups as security boundaries.

Creating backchannels for student domains

Of course if you have a single Google apps domain, we have you covered, you can select any number of groups that you wish to be the teacher / moderator.

We take student safety seriously, that's why we've put a significant amount of thought into how we use groups and alternative domains to manage our discussion rooms.


Please contact us ( if you would like to learn more about our Backchannel Chat for Google Apps product.

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