Backchannel Chat for Google Apps

By David - Apr 2013

Backchannel Chat for Google Apps has now been released! This is designed to give your whole school the opportunity to have safe secure real-time discussions.

By leveraging Google Apps we now allow you to use your Google apps accounts and groups to manage your discussions.

Teachers can quickly browse to their 'My Backchannels' from the universal navigation inside Google Apps, here users will see a listing of the backchannel discussions they can control.

They can elect to create a new discussion and select the Google groups that this should apply to:

Students can also browse to the 'My Backchannels' link and see all of the discussions that have been laid out to them.

School administrators can setup the teacher groups and can manage the Backchannels at a school level.

Check it out now in the Google Apps Marketplace or read our Backchannel Chat for Google Apps overview page.

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