Enhanced Embeded real time chat in your website

By Daniel - March 2014

Backchannel Chat has offered embedded chat rooms for its premium users for a while now, this allows teachers to embed the chat into their on website.

Previously the embedded chat rooms were a live read only view of the chat. The idea was that anyone could browse to your site and view the transcript and live chat without ever interacting with the chat participants. We’ve heard from our users that they would also like the ability for people to be able to participate from the embedded view. Of course the teacher should still be in full control of the chat and retain the ability to delete messages and lock the chat room.

By default any embedded chat room will be read only unless the teacher changes this option by ticking the check box:


The dialog above can be shown by selecting the embed menu option which is under the main settings menu. With this setting checked anyone that visits your page with the embedded chat will be prompted to enter a display name before entering the chat. Once the user is in the chat room, you will be able to control the chat just as if the users entered via a join code.

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