Using your BackChannel for Collecting Student Feedback

By David - Feb 2013

Here is a simple way to get some direct feedback from your students.

Lets say we want to ask the class a question like:

Which of the following are renewable energies? Vote for the correct answer below.

For this example lets use the following answers.

  • Hydro
  • Nuclear
  • Coal

The first step is to lock the room. This will prevent students from entering any messages, it won't however prevent the message voting from working.

Then we type our answers:

Now our students can press the thumbs icon for the message that they think is correct.

As a teacher we can click on the info icon to see which students voted for each of the messages, only the teacher will be able to do this.

This will show the votes for each message:

As always, let us know what you think. Start a free chat room now and try out our feedback collecting tools now.

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