Beta Launch

By David - Jan 2013

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that Backchannel Chat is now in Beta. I’d like to encourage you to come and test our tool free of charge. We’d really love to get your feedback and find out how we can best meet your needs.

If you’re a teacher, getting started is easy, just navigate to our home page and click on the ‘I’m a teacher’ link and enter your details.

Once your chat is up and running, simply send the link to your students and they can join once they provide a display name.

As a teacher you control the backchannel discussion and can perform the following:

  • Remove inappropriate comments
  • Set students as read only
  • Set the title of the discussion
  • Control if embedded media is allowed in the room
  • Control if the backchannel is shut down when a teacher is not present (only on our paid plan)

Backchannel chat also includes a profanity filter to help give a little bit more piece of mind. If you’re a paying teacher you will have access to both the filtered and unfiltered views in the transcript.

All of your classroom conversations are kept for 3 months on our free plans and forever on our paying plan.

Once again thanks for giving Backchannel Chat a try. We have lots of exciting features planned.

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