BackChannel Amplification

By David - Jan 2013

We've released some new amplification features to BackChannel Chat that we think will make a huge difference to the way you manage a backchannel.

The idea of amplification is that you as a teacher can quickly get a glimpse at the import parts of the backchannel. Each message has a thumbs up icon , as chat participants click on this icon, a little bubble indicating the number of clicks will appear. The more clicks the more relevant the message is to the participants of the backchannel.

Cliff Atkinson is the author of a prominate backchannel book describes this as 'amplifying what others are saying'. We liked the term and shamelessly took it.

Being able to view the total count is helpful when you want to quickly view the relevance of a message, but as a teacher / instructor you really want to be able to see the individuals who helped amplify the message. To help with this, we've introduced a new information icon that teachers can click and it will show the participants who have given the message the thumbs up.

We think these new features will help us move closer to a tool that really helps to bring backchannels to the classroom.

Please let us know what you think!

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