BackChannel Chat Released in the Edmodo App Store

By David - Feb 2013

We are proud to announce that we have launched BackChannel Chat into the Edmodo App store.

This release lets teachers bring their Edmodo groups easily and quickly into a safe secure real time chat tool with no messing around.

BackChannel Chat for Edmodo has all of the premium features of BackChannel Chat including:

  • Private messages between teachers and students.
  • Ability to shut the chat down when a teacher is not present.
  • Single sign on for teachers and students - Edmodo profile pictures are used.

This is on top of our other features:

  • Ability to have fully moderated chat discussions where the teacher approves every message before the students see it.
  • Lock the room to prevent students from entering messages - helps to pace your discussions.
  • Remove posting rights from individual students, effectively making them read only.
  • Message amplification - lets students vote up the most relevant messages.
  • Fix important messages to the top of the conversation.
  • Teachers can delete any message in the discussion.

Go and try BackChannel Chat for Edmodo now, we think combining the power of Edmodo with BackChannel Chat will help you with your online class activities.

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