How to add a poll to a Backchannel Chat Room

By Daniel - Aug 2013

Backchannel Chat makes it really easy to embed content into your discussions. Previously we have shown how easy it is to embed tweets and YouTube video’s simply by pasting in the URL to the chat, Backchannel Chat will take care of embedding the content for you.

The same simple embedding process also works with Poll Everywhere.

Create a free account at Poll Everywhere.

1. Once you click on the ‘Create Now’ you will be asked for a poll title, lets create a poll like: ‘How often do you use a Backchannel in your classroom?’:



I’ve selected a multiple choice answer, but you could also create an open ended answer.

Now all you need do is grab the current URL of the poll (

Paste that URL into Backchannel Chat:



You’ll see that Backchannel Chat has automatically embedded the poll into the chat:



Once you answer the result, the results will be instantly shown in place:



Using a poll in your chat room can enhance the process of gathering feedback, it can be very powerful and effective.

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