Live Chat for Classrooms

Backchannel Chat is designed for educational discussions, it provides all the tools an educator could need to facilitate online discussions.

Easily control and moderate your live class chat. Our modern web 2.0 styled chat rooms will engage and transform your classroom.

  • Teacher Controlled

  • Safe and Secure

  • Profanity Filter

  • Full Transcripts

  • No Advertising

  • No Student Personal Information Required

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Join an existing discussion as a teacher or as a student

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Backchannel discussions in your classroom

What is a BackChannel?

A backchannel lets you:

Have a class chatroom that is Teacher controlled.

The teacher can mute students and remove any comments that don't fit with the discussion.

Our profanity filter will help give you confidence that your students won't bully or abuse others.

A full transcript provides the teacher with an unfiltered view of the chat.

Our chats can automatically shut down if a teacher leaves the discussion.

Our backchannel chat has tools to amplify messages so that a teacher gets quick insight into what is most important in the chat.

Real Time

All actions appear instantly, users can see when people are typing, they can vote on messages in real time.


Let students pick avatar pictures. No student information is stored, students can choose names as dictated by the teacher.

Profanity Filter

Backchannel Chat provides a profanity filter to remove the really nasty words and multiple transcript versions which include the unfiltered content.

Increase Engagement

Providing a backchannel chat room in your classroom has shown promising results in increasing student engagement.

Safe and Secure

Our moderation tools enable the facilitator to take complete control of student's chat behaviour.

Connect your Class

Easily bring your class into the discussion, no fuss, just write the chat room code on the board or project it on the wall.

Note Taking

All chat rooms have search and archiving capabilities, students can easily find relevant parts of the discussion.

Resource Sharing

Embed youtube videos, Flickr picture and other web 2.0 items directly into the coversation. Our chat provides a modern chat environment for your students.

Ask Questions

Shy and quiet students can ask questions and get involved in disussions in a way they wouldn't normally in class.

Take Control

Teachers can lock the room to help control the pace of the discussion

Message Amplification

Students can mark messages that have the most meaning, teachers can use this input to focus the discussion on what really matters


Students can choose from our fun avatars, they'll have a blast!

Backchannel Chat for Edmodo

Safe Secure Realtime discussion with your Edmodo Groups

Backchannel Chat for Schoology

Safe Secure Realtime discussion within Schoology

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